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Unmanned Aircraft Training and Assessment Organisation

UATO is the training organisation for unmanned aircraft (UA) that provides unmanned aircraft pilot licence (UAPL) training as well as UAPL assessments and proficiency checks.

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About Us

Apollo Drones Academy provides a full-service professional drone education and flying practice programmes. These programmes are to guide and coach the participant to equip the necessary skills to be autonomous pilots. Our programmes prepare the participant to take and pass the CAAS unmanned aircraft operator permit test for the multirotor UA category and to attain Class A(Rotorcraft) UA Pilot Licence. Apollo Drones Academy is the 1st CAAS approved UA Basic Training Organisation in Singapore.

Current and Relevant

This is a dynamic industry, whereby the authority is maintaining the regulatory framework to be current and relevant. Our team are constantly keeping a close track and update our courses to ensure that you’re getting the most up-to-date and accurate information at all times.

Conducive Environment

We provide well equipped classrooms for our theory lessons as well as immersive mega wide screen flight simulator training.

Focus Centric Learning

1:1 training ratio to better focus on the learners need and to ensure that safety is the utmost priority, we are committed to provide the best training experience for our learners.

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