Course Description

This 18-days course will provide the participant with the necessary knowledge to prepare them for the UAPL theory test administered by the CAAS and practical assessment to attain the Class A (Rotorcraft) UAPL with no limitation.

Also, participants will be able to obtain free UA basic training (online training) to acquire basic knowledge of UAS and indoor flight simulation.

This course is suitable for UA pilots whose existing Class A (Rotorcraft) UAPL is limited to multi-rotors and wish to remove their multi-rotor restrictions, as well as UA pilots who aspire to become a UA pilot instructor

Course Outcome

Competent in the UAPL theory test and practical assessment

UABT Certificate

Certificate of Participation

Class A (Rotorcraft) UAPL with no limitation

Course Contents

The 1-day theory training comprises of the following 6 modules below

Module Topic
e-Learning UA Basic Training
1 General UAS Knowledge
2 Principles of Flight and Simulation
3 Air Law
4 Navigation and Meteorology
5 Human Factors
6 Safety and Operations

Mock Quiz

This mock quiz has 50 multiple choice questions and this will serve as a practice to prepare you for the actual CAAS UAPL Theory Test

The 17-days practical training comprises of the following 10 modules below

Module Topic
1 General Knowledge of UAS Functions
2 UAS Safety Assessment
3 Precision hovering
4 Straight and Level Circuit
5 Precision Hovering in 4 Different Orientation
6 Straight and Level Circuit with Nose Following Direction of Movement
7 Precision landing
8 Emergency procedure
9 UAS knowledge and skill demonstration
10 Flight awareness

The practical assessment will only be conducted once the participant have passed the UAPL theory test

Module Licence
UAPL Practical Assessment Class A (Rotorcraft) UAPL with no limitation

The following are required on the practical assessment date:

Original photo identification (i.e. original NRIC/FIN/Passport)

Original UAPL (If Any)

Failure to produce any of the above documents on your practical assessment date will not be entertained and will be re-scheduled.

Course Code


Course Fee


UABT (e-Learning)

2 hours

UAPL Theory

8 hours

Practical Training

47 hours

Course Language


Location & Timing

Theory Training
8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Apollo Global Academy at 3 Shan Road S328104

Practical Training
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Tanglin Rugby Club, 192 Turf Club Road/
Field along Old Holland Road/
Field along Kranji Close

UAPL Practical Assessment
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Tanglin Rugby Club, 192 Turf Club Road/
Field along Old Holland Road/
Field along Kranji Close