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Apollo Drones Academy (Apollo), organizes flying practice programmes.

These programmes are to guide and coach the participants to equip them with the necessary skills to be responsible autonomous pilots and prepared these participants to pass the CAAS practical evaluation to be Approved Remote Pilots of Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit (UOP) holders.

At the end of this training, the participants shall have acquired technical skills, and gotten familiarised with new technology to handle drones so as to allow them to use Aerial Video and Photography suitable for broadcast use and events coverage in their professional context.

Apollo shall provide its own instructors to participants; these instructors have passed the CAAS practical evaluation and are all listed on Apollo Drones Academy Pte Ltd. These instructors will have the necessary academic background to answer any technical question, and have the required experience to provide the high level training expected by participants to the programme.

Why Choose Us?

  • OUR TEAM instructors have an academic background in engineering and have passed their CAAS Operating Permit.
  • WE OPERATE for corporations who send group to us and we welcome individuals as well.
  • YOU CAN CLAIM as we are registered with the SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). Participants to our program can use credit from the SSG to pay for the course. Visit:www.myskillfuture.sg
  • WE CARE as we provide into 1:1 training ratio for safer drone flying.
  • WE DELIVER best experience to our participants to fly various types of drones.

Drone Piloting Course

Preparatory Course for Application of CAAS Permits for Drone Operations. It covers all the flight demonstration test for application of permit and ATTI mode flying in accordance to CAAS requirement.


Theory Training and Applications

  • Air Laws awareness in Singapore
  • Fly safe practices
  • Drone applications
  • Smart features and Automation flight
  • Safety and Maintenance

  • Risk Assessment
  • Maintenance and Storage
  • System Troubleshooting
  • Recovery of lost control
  • Focus Group 1-1 Training

  • Hovering on the spot
  • Roll and Pitch in all 4 orientation (Front,      Back,Left, Right)
  • Hovering and Yaw 360° degree on the spot
  • Pitch and Yaw in a square formation in all 4      orientations
  • Pitch and Yaw in a square formation with      changes in height
  • Flying in the Figure of 8
  • Precision Landing
  • Gallery

    Photos taken during the training

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